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Data innovation as a new source of evidence for policy making: interview with Prof. Miriam Lips

The data revolution is challenging the social scientific model and how it informs policies and is making available to governments new forms of evidence which can inform the design, implementation and evaluation of public policies. But can we maximize the opportunities that big data provides to government while minimizing the risk and concerns related, for example, to cross-government information-sharing and citizens’ privacy?

I discussed these issues with Miriam Lips, Professor of Digital Government at Victoria University of Wellington and Member of the New Zealand Data Futures Forum who, in November 2014, gave a keynote speech with the title Designing New Zealand’s Data Future – a partnership between political leaders, government, business and academia at the International Conference on Data Innovation For Policy Makers held in Bali and who has co-authored with James Mansell a working paper for the Knowledge Sector Initiative and Pulse Lab Jakarta with the title Lessons from the New Zealand Data Futures Forum: How to Unlock the Value of Data-driven Innovation and New ‘Evidence’ in Policy-making.

You can read the interview here

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